Why Online Backup?



Ø  Losing access to critical business data would be disastrous or deeply impact your productivity temporarily, and can be fatal to your business if lost completely.

Ø  A fail-safe to tape and disk system for Disaster Recovery

Ø  Natural disaster, fire and theft

Ø  Shrinking IT budgets that curtail staff available to proactively manage data backups

Ø  Implementing a backup system for the first time

Ø  It takes a long time to do traditional backups

Ø  Remembering to do the back ups



Why FV Technologies?



Ø  24 X 7 availability - access to any file backed up via mobile device , any internet connection from , or from the client where the software is installed

Ø  Unlimited Versions for the same price – Key for Archiving and Compliance

§  files are available beyond typical 7-30- 90 day windows

§  Time Machine Feature – search for a file on a specific historical date

Ø  Ease of use

§  easy installation

§  point-and-click file and folder selection for backup

§  automated email reports

§  flexible scheduling

Ø  File Sharing – easy and secure – one-click

Ø  Data saved at multiple data centers  – 10 Data Centers globally  - SAS 70 certified – the highest level in DR and Redundancy – Best Practice of Redundant Backup is ensured

Ø  Bit-level delta backups save on network resources and take minutes to perform subsequent backups

Ø  Security  all backups performed using 3 layers of encryption at DOD levels, and saved to multiple data centers

Ø   Live Protect continual backup available at one click, with the unique ability to watch and detect changes in individual files

Ø  Unlimited versioning keeps all versions of your files, regardless of file type or creation date. This applies to all files, even bare metal images.

Ø  Timeline Recovery gives you the freedom to go back to any point in time and find a file on any date a backup was performed. We do not limit this to 30 or 45 days. This applies to bare metal images and files and folders.

Ø  Intelligent file filters have the ability to include/exclude certain types of files,  e.g. music and video

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