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As a business owner, are you looking to reduce operational costs while increasing the effectiveness of your IT resources?  Would you like the ability to upscale your IT capacity on-demand without needing to purchase any additional hardware?  Over 69 percent of Americans today with internet access us a source of cloud computing whether it is web e-mail, data storage, or software.  The same is quickly becoming true in the business world.

Cloud computing is the use of computing resources (hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over the internet.   When subscribing to a cloud service all upgrades, applications, and data is stored using alternate servers more equipped to handle them.  This means a lower total cost to you, the business owner.  No need to continually purchase new servers, licensing, backup tapes, etc… All of this is handled by us.  The software, hardware, and licensing are our responsibility, not yours.

FV Technologies has many cloud offerings to support all of your business needs.  From Voice over IP to Secure Online Backup to Web Filtering and Internet security and many more packages.  We offer hosted Microsoft Exchange and access to POP e-mail.  If you have a cloud-based need, we have your solution

Why Cloud Computing?

Ø  Access to the latest technology at a fraction of the cost.

Ø  Save time, with cloud computing all you need is a PC with internet access.

Ø  Cloud computing offers customers access to more computing power.

Ø  Applications serviced through cloud computing require less frequent upgrades and are managed by data centers.

Ø  No need for costly hardware purchases

Ø  Subscribe only to services which you need, and none you don’t.

Ø  Expert application support available to you 24x7.



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